How To Install Mozilla Firefox ESR In Raspberry Pi Using Terminal

As we know that Raspberry Pi is a single board CPU which supports only ARM based application, so we can not install all the applications which run on other Operating systems like Windows, Linux, MAC OS etc. As we know that Raspberry Pi has its own Operating System which is neither fully linux nor windows, so all the application which runs on these OS can not run on raspberry, but we can install these application’s partial version.

Here we’ll learn to install mozila firefox (ESR) on raspian OS by using terminal. Mozila firefox ESR is the partial version of Mozila firefox which works same.

Step1: Open Terminal on raspberry Pi

Step2: Type the following command and hit Enter

sudo get-apt update
sudo get-apt upgrade

these command will update your raspberry’s required packages.

Step3: Type the following coomand  and hit Enter 

sudo apt-get install iceweasel


It will take some time to download the package from internet depending on your network speed. After that it will install automatically.


It’s done now.



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